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'Defeat Cancer' Camo Crochet Scarf
This is a distinctive 'potato chip' or 'ruffle style' hand-crocheted scarf which features pink/tan/ivory 'camo' yarn and finished with soft & fluffy eyelash yarn in white.
This scarf measures about 68" long and about 2" across. It may be wrapped several times around the neck, and is surprisingly warm for its size.
Includes a short, inspirational written message, for yourself or a loved one.
May be custom ordered at different lengths; please allow two weeks for a custom order. Please contact me through this site if you have any questions.
100% Acrylic yarn. Hand washing and drying advised.
Price: $24.95
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Brown Tweed Ruffle Crochet Scarf
This is a tweed brown, with subtle blues and pinks mixed into the yarn.

It is accented with a tawny fluffy 'eyelash' or 'fur' yarn, which gives it 'panache'.

Surprisingly warm for its size, it lends itself to be wrapped about the neck several times, or just a casual toss over the shoulder.

This is 100% acrylic; machine washable but handwashing is recommeneded.
Price: $24.95
Free Gift Wrap:

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