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Casual Wear Necklaces

    Although we specialize in gemstone jewelry and beaded embroidery, we also offer a variety of styles that can take you from the boardroom to your bluejeans.

This section features necklaces that are intended for casual styles. Some may also be found in our Business / Networking Necklaces section.

Please call or drop a line for more information on custom options that may be available.                                       

Swarovski Glass Pearl Necklace

"Simply a Classic".... This elegant design can be worn with virtually any outfit and convey that classy style that we've come to associate with pearls. This necklace is not knotted, but uses tiny beads between each pearl; the drape is very fluid. The glass pearls are high-quality Swaroski pearls; the finish is permanent and retains its 'orient' over the years. Graduated champagne-colored glass pearls with Gold-tone accents. About 18 inches long.

Price: $34.95

Chocolate Glass Pearl Necklace

This design is a classic! The beads towards the front are a matte bumpy surface, and the ones toward the back are smooth. The finish is almost a "chocolate metallic". The glass pearls are not knotted in between, but are separated by very tiny seed beads, giving it a wonderful drape and fluidity.

Crystal with AB Highlights Necklace

The main components of this necklace are called 'connectors' and are commonly used to make bracelets. This design uses them in a different configuration to create a one-of-a-kind necklace. Silver-tone accents and chain.

Price: $34.95

Blue Glass Leaf Necklace

A charming casual necklace, especially for summer. Leaves in shades of blue and aqua glass dangle from a silver-tone chain.

Price: $24.95

Turquoise & Coral Necklace

Flat oval beads of turquoise are paired with chunks of coral. The whole is accented with large sterling silver beads and finished with a matching sterling silver clasp.

Price: $127.70

Turquoise & Glass Necklace

The pendant is genuine turquoise; the smaller beads are turquoise blue glass with an iridescent finish. The pendant is flanked by genuine sterling silver beads; the small discs are lead-free pewter. The clasp is an unusual design of grapes with a grape leaf.

Price: $35.00

Carved Jade Dragon

The centerpiece of this design is a jade pendant (about 2 inches across) which is carved with the image of a dragon. It is surrounded by carved jade beads that blend from a soft tan to a deep brown. In some cultures of the world, the dragon is a symbol of vitality, protection and power

Price: $47.75

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